Our Privacy Policy

1. Our Data Protection Statement

Your personal data is safe with us, used only for the purposes of your booking.

Your personal data will be retained for a period of six months following the date of your wedding, at which time all will be deleted. If you require us to delete it at some other point in time please email info@ with your request. The exception being the documentation that HMRC requires us to keep for a minimum of six years following our annual tax return.

That documentation will be encrypted and password protected following our tax return and only re-opened at the request of HMRC. Once the six years has expired all information will then be destroyed. Other than us no other party will have access to any of your data with the exception of our accountants who will be able to access only that which they need to complete our annual tax return to HMRC

2. Privacy Statement
This privacy statement applies to the website www.classicandvintage.co.uk, operated by

Classic and Vintage Wedding Cars Limited

T/A The Classic and Vintage Car Company
41 Manor Road
GU11 3G

Tel: 01252 33 88 38

Email: info@

3. Basis Statement

Your data is safe with us. We DO NOT share your information with other companies for any reason, commercial or otherwise. Classic and Vintage respects your privacy, and this is why we have taken the time to disclose our information collection practices, privacy policy, information we collect, and how it is used. Classic and Vintage collect data in order to help provide site users and customers with the best possible service. We do this in several ways.

4. Personal Information

Whenever you place an order or request information we collect your name, email address and telephone number. We use this information only to process your reservation or information request.

We promise not to pester you with unwanted information by email, telephone or post after replying to your original request.
We may also store and use information for the purposes of website and system administration, and fulfilment of customer service. For example, we keep details of your reservation in order to maintain correct records relating to the service to be supplied.

We may analyse information collected for research, and for the development of our website and our services to benefit our website visitors and customers. This may include building records of individual visitors, which are combined together for analysis of trends and patterns in the usage of our website. This information will never be communicated to third parties.

Under the Privacy and Electronic Communications Act we do not send random marketing emails to personal email addresses (spam).
Your information is safe with us. Classic and Vintage does not disclose information to other companies for their commercial use.

5. Cookies
Cookies are small programs that our website sends to your browser software, which may then be stored on your computer.
Cookies are used to help our website recognise your browser, and provide a better and faster website service to you. These cookies do not use personally identifiable information. These cookies cannot be sent to your browser without your browser being set to accept them and without your express permission under European Law.

We recommend that you adjust your browser settings to accept cookies, and leave them switched “on”. You only need to give your express permission once to receive a faster service on your return to our website www.classicandvintage.co.uk

6. Information Queries
We collect, store and process information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
If you have any queries with regards to personal information collected by C & V Limited T/A The Classic and Vintage Car Company, please contact us at enquiries@

Or write to:
Website Privacy
The Classic and Vintage Car Company
41 Manor Road
GU46 7SU

Classic and Vintage Wedding Cars Limited is a company registered in England. Registration number 10503312

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